We produced a podcast series for Augsburg University's 150th anniversary.

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Augsburg University’s Sesquicentennial Celebration (2019-2020) provides a special opportunity to make a significant difference on campus. The $150M endowment campaign will engage donors, alumni, faculty, staff, students and stakeholders to celebrate the legacy of Augsburg and invest in the future. Great storytelling will be a key component of driving the energy and enthusiasm that this milestone deserves. We partnered with Storyslices to interview faculty. From there, our team wrote, produced and edited the interviews into condensed short-form podcasts. The podcasts were paired with photography for online/social promotion.



Stephan Clark: Dead Ends and New Directions

Associate Professor Stephan Clark, Director of Augsburg’s MFA program in creative writing, guides students to discover the story-worthy value of their own day-to-day plot twists.


Marty Stortz: Interpreting the Unknown

Marty Stortz, Bernhard M. Christensen professor of religion and vocation, guides her students as they ask powerful questions and find neighbors in our world’s many faith traditions.


Christopher Houltberg: Design & Agency

Christopher Houltberg, assistant professor of art, brings together community and classroom to create change, celebrate diversity, and empower his students to discover their own creative agency.

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